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HCD Announcement

What We're Doing to Help People Affected by Wildfires

Every day at HCD, we work to bring more Californians home. The current wildfires have destroyed homes and turned people's worlds upside down -- people who must now find the strength to rebuild. As we continue our work to ensure Californians and communities have resources to respond to COVID, we would like to take a moment to share what we are also doing to help Californians affected by the wildfires.

Right now, our team at HCD is:
•Tracking mobilehome parks that have been evacuated or damaged.
•Preparing to head out to those areas so we can provide on-the-ground support to individuals and families who have lost their mobilehomes. We do this by entering the parks as soon as it's safe and inspecting for damage/health and safety issues. We also give mobilehome owners copies of the documents they need (registration and title), so they can file insurance claims.
•Monitoring fires located near HCD's Office of Migrant Services centers, where we provide homes for more than 700 migrant farmworkers and their families during the harvest season.
•Monitoring fires located near all HCD-funded apartment homes (multifamily housing).
•Continue to process and distribute disaster-recovery funding to those affected by previous wildfire disasters.
•Spreading the word about help/resources for those affected by the wildfires.

FEMA help available in designated counties.

If you know anyone who has been affected by the fires in Lake, Monterey, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Sonoma, or Yolo Counties encourage them to visit our homepage,, where they will find resources they need to apply for federal assistance in the yellow "Alert" banner at the top of the page. If you have already registered with FEMA for uninsured or underinsured losses, the next step is home inspection. Learn more.

We will continue to work hard for Californians affected by current and past wildfires across the state, helping families recover, and creating more-resilient communities for the future.

For more information, visit us online at