Emergency Medical Care Committee


  • Minimum of 18 members:
    • One member representing Sutter Lakeside Hospital
    • One member representing St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake
    • One member representing Community College Districts
    • One member representing the Sheriff’s Department
    • One member representing the California High Patrol
    • The Emergency Services Director
    • Two ER Affiliated Medical Care Coordinators
    • One member of the Board of Supervisors
    • One Paramedic Representative
    • One County Health Officer
    • One member representing a Private Ambulance Company
    • Five members representing local Fire Departments
    • The County Health Services Director
    • Four members representing Others-Consumer Interested Group
    • Two EMT Representatives

Term / Expiration

  • 2-year terms


The purpose of this committee is to review standards of emergency medical care in Lake County pursuant to the Health and Safety Code.

Date Formed

  • August 31, 1982


Applications may be obtained online or from the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, located at:
Lake County Courthouse
Room 109
255 N Forbes Street
Lakeport, CA 95453