Inspection Process

If required after screening, an Authorized Inspector will perform a thorough search of the exterior and interior of the vessel, including but not limited to:

  • Quagga MusselBilge pumps
  • Motors
  • Live wells
  • Bait wells
  • Ballast tanks
  • Bladders
  • All areas of standing water

The Inspector is looking for adult mussels, and water containing microscopic mussel larvae (veligers), in and on a vessel using a flashlight and mirror.

If vessel is found to be clean, drained and dry, and invasive species infestation is either not found or removed from the vessel, the Authorized Inspector shall certify the vessel for launch after receiving the appropriate Mussel Stickers from an Authorized Screener.

If a vessel is found to be infested with adult Dreissenid mussels, the vessel owner will be informed that his/her vessel shall be quarantined by the California Department of Fish and Game. If vessel is found to possibly be infested with Dreissenid mussel larvae, the vessel may not be launched until vessel has been decontaminated and re-inspected by an Authorized Inspector.

Inspection Fee

Fees no longer applicable