Jury Trials

Report to the location on the date indicated below.

Note: Dates may differ from the court and/or the date listed on your subpoena.

Jury Trial Schedule 

For the week of March 27, 2023 (updated March 24, 2023)

Please see the Preliminary Hearings page for preliminary hearing information.

DefendantWhenDepartment #DDA
#1 Bobby GoforthWednesday March 29th3D. Norris
#2 Travis HillWednesday March 29th3R. Watson
#3 Joshua MurrayWednesday March 29th3R. Abelson
#4 Antoine TurnerWednesday March 29th3N. Rotow
#5 Remo CaponiWednesday March 29th3D. Norris
#6 Tory HoganWednesday March 29th3D. Norris
#7 Danish SialWednesday March 29th3N. Sachs

Note: If you do not see your trial listed here, it has been canceled or rescheduled.