About Us

Protecting the health and well-being of individuals and the community is the fundamental re-sponsibility of the Lake County Department of Health Services and its 40+ programs. Thanks to the hard work of 60+ Health Services staff and our community partners, the Department of Health Services continues to provide a broad range of innovative programs and services de-signed to promote and protect the health and self-sufficiency of individuals, families, and our ru-ral community. The County of Lake Department of Health Services strives to ensure that:

  • We provide high quality services with respect and responsiveness to all.
  • We are an integrated system of health care services, community health improvement and envi-ronmental protection.
  • We anticipate community health needs and change to meet those needs.
  • We work in partnership with our patients, cities and our diverse community, as well as other health, education and human service agencies.
  • We encourage creative, ethical and equitable leadership to implement effective health policies and programs.